House With A View – Dream

2 Aug

Dream 08/02/2013 House with a View


I had a dream. I was sent to a very wealthy family. They were older, senior types. They had a huge home and it was set up on a hill overlooking the city. This home had the best view of the city. I was in their home asking to show people the home that wanted to see the community.


They were horrible to me, they treated me as if I was worthless. They were rude and made me feel horrible, like I was so beneath them and what I was doing was so awful.


I had to ask their permission and they were putting me through a lot just to ask them so they could feel power over me. They said no and the way they said no and the husband fell over his feet, kind of stumbled while he was like yelling at me.


They said I don’t want people traipsing through MY house. And I explained how I would care for their home and the value of the community. They didn’t want to bless the community. They felt the community owed them.


I relented and said well there is an empty lot next to the house I guess I could bring them there to see, it wasn’t the same but it would be ok.


They gave me a cup to drink but the sink was full of nice cups, overflowing with cups but they gave me a throw away cup with holes in it, it didn’t even look like a cup. It was dirty but I was so thirsty I was grateful.


The man yelled at me one more time. The whole family was seated at the table and they were all talking about me. They made it clear that the only reason I was allowed in the house to talk to them was because someone in the family saw me praying and they made sure they let me know they were not in agreement with my praying.


They had hidden my car. It was locked up in a huge cement wall. I walked past their luxury car and wasn’t sure I would get my car out….it was dark….I had to find the door to get to my car first……then I woke up.

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20 Aug

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