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Just One Neighborhood


There is a tremendous need for an advocate for better living and restoration in  families all over our city. One conversation, one outreach of love or one gift of help could be the key to completely transforming someone’s way of thinking and eventually their way of life.

We believe hope needs to come right to the street where people live because family and home comes first!

Neighborhoods have always been the mission of the church and there are believers and churches almost on every street in our city.  We have the power to transform our city!  We can be a lighthouse to the most devastating  neighborhoods in our region.  Even if the church or ministry you belong to is global or national you have authority to bring transformation on a local level.

A Neighborhood Center could partner with the local churches and local businesses as a bridge for outreach and ministry.  It possible to host monthly prayer and worship gatherings to help unify our hearts to what the Father wants to do through these outreaches. Every pastor in the region has a mission to reach their neighborhood but maybe they need resources or ideas on how to reach the families. Every business has an investment in their neighborhoods and they have vision for their community where they operate their business. Adopt One Neighborhood would be a catalyst to bringing both of these powerful channels of blessing come together and invest. Whether its prayer meetings or round table discussions on how to improve and restore the neighborhood, end crime, drug trafficking and improve property values adopting the neighborhood could be the open door for transformation.

Here are some ideas for outreach:Food & Clothing Pantry, Emergency Assistance. After School Homework Help, GED & College Prep, Story Time, Parenting Class, Job Help/Training/Internships, Youth Mentoring, Adult  Groups: Men & Women, Teen Groups: Boys & Girls, Free Medical Clinics, Art Class, Advocacy Help, Justice Groups, Business Hub, Mission Training, Church Transportation, Financial Classes, Home Ownership Classes, Pregnancy Help. Neighborhood Watch

If you would like more information on how to start this mission or get involved email us at

Just One School


Just One School is all it takes for us to bring change to our neighborhood. If we could just model to one school the Hope that is available for change, just one school, just one neighborhood, just one group of people saying YES!  It doesn’t take an army, the military or the government. Just one group of people who have had enough and are ready to be a part of change!

If you have ever said, “This shouldn’t be”, “I don’t like this”, “I can’t believe this is happening” , “How did that neighborhood get like that”, “How did this generation get like that”, “I am not happy with the way things are”…….if you have ever said that you were right! Now is your chance to turn your response into a conduit of change. Things don’t have to remain as they are, your neighborhood doesn’t have to stay the same, your schools don’t have to stay the same and you can be a part of turning things around.

Your voice matters, your heart matters, what you see can be different! If you believe God has a plan, He has the answerer, He knows what to do than you are connected to the very source of change. All it takes is agreement with God and a willing heart to obey Him. Whatever He says be willing to do and you are about to experience transformation power! He will willingly give you all the wisdom, all the answers and all the necessary resources to bring about change He just needs your willing, trusting obedience!


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